Dating Online And Offline: Asian Mail Order Brides Cost

You might get weirded out when you hear the phrase “Asian mail order brides cost” or any wife’s cost. The reality is that people simply say it as it is – serious relationship dating costs money.

Serious relationship online dating sites have some fans and anti-fans. The latter group of people claims that you can just go out and find a dating partner without needing to pay to use a dating site. But the truth is you will anyway spend money on flowers if you want to woo your potential wife, some other presents.

Think about it. Even when you drive your car to the dating destination (in a restaurant or a club, etc.), you still have expenses. You have to pay for gas, for food, even to dress up. You may want to buy some new clothes.

So yes, dating costs money or even is expensive. When you think about this whole situation even more, online relationships do sound interesting. Dating sites for serious romantic relationships cost money, but so much less than offline dating.

Just a month of using a serious relationship site costs an average of 30 dollars and even less if you buy longer plans. And now try calculating how much you spend during a month of dating someone in real life. Calculate your expenses, and you will see the logic behind choosing sites to start buying an Asian bride.

Yes, when you finally meet the woman that you like online, you will have to count expenses on courting her in person. But think about all the money wasted to find a woman to date. When you are dating, you don’t always end up together, but you spend money and a lot. When you are using serious online relationship sites, you are offered to choose among compatible women.

You spend only a set amount of money, so it’s not a waste. And then when you finally meet in person, it’s almost a guarantee that you will fall in love since you are compatible. There you go! That’s how you find a wife online. But before you dive into this interesting world of serious online relationships, check out every detail.

In this article, you will learn the average cost of Asian mail order brides, in what regions it is the best to find a wife, etc.

asian mail order brides cost

Can You Buy An Asian Wife?

When you see such phrases as mail order Asian bride prices, you immediately think that you can buy a real human. It’s not possible to buy someone. It is, however possible to buy dating services from serious relationship sites.

The prices of Asian mail order brides vary depending on the site you are using. It’s also worthy of mentioning that if you are planning to visit your potential bride in her country, you will also have expenses. Some countries are cheaper, others are more expensive.

For example, if you are traveling to Japan or South Korea, the cost of Asian mail order brides courting will be higher. These countries are economically developed, but still, it is possible to make it a bit cheaper to start dating a woman that you like.

If you are attracted to women from Kazakhstan, India, the Philippines, etc., the Asian mail order bride prices usually go down. But overall, you can’t buy a wife. You can buy the services of a serious relationship dating site that you decide to choose.

Factors That Affect Asian Mail Order Brides Pricing

Before you figure out how much does an Asian wife cost, here are a few factors that affect the price:

  • The region.
  • The distance to travel.
  • The prices in the country.

If you are looking to date a lady from Korea, it is more expensive than dating a lady from Bangladesh.

Asian Mail Order Brides Cost: Is It Cheaper To Find A Wife Offline?

If you are wondering whether Asian mail order brides cost is lower when you are dating offline, the answer is no. Why so? The answer is simple – for the same reason why it’s more expensive to date traditionally in your country.

The Asian mail order wife cost is higher if you travel to a foreign country without knowing anyone. If you do so, you will go out on dates without knowing if a woman you spotted is into serious romantic relations and marrying foreigners. It’s different when using serious dating sites.

When you seek oriental mail order brides online on dating sites, you get a matchmaking system to find compatible matches. And even though you pay to use the site, you pay a lot less than you would pay when using traditional means of establishing serious romantic relationships.

It’s easy to use Asian mail order brides sites, and it simply requires having an account. Consider trying dating sites to establish serious romantic relationships. Sites are cheaper and more beneficial.

What Is An Average Price And What It Includes?

So, what is the cost of mail order brides? If you have been dating ladies from the West, you probably don’t spend that much because of the dating culture. But different countries or regions have different concepts of dating.

For example, in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, etc., it is still popular to make gifts to ladies that you are dating. It usually goes both ways – you also receive gifts during various important milestones or dates. And the same concept works in Asian countries. So, when you are thinking about Asian mail order brides how much do they cost, it means how much money you spend on such things.

Usually, the Asian mail order wife price includes the following expenses:

  • Traveling to another country (plane ticket, staying in a hotel/motel, etc.).
  • Going out on dates (whether in your or her country).
  • Spending on dating sites for serious relationships (if you decide to use such sites).
  • Giving presents.

If you decide to marry a woman after meeting several Asian brides online, it also requires you to pay some fees to organize the marriage. Fees are paid in all countries, but they differ. Usually, the fee is really small, and it doesn’t even affect the overall costs of getting married.

So, how much is an Asian bride? The average price depends on the country that you choose. For example, in the Philippines, it is a lot cheaper to stay. A hotel room for a night may cost around 15-30 dollars per night (depending on the hotel you choose), buying food and other expenses are lower than in the US.

The average cost of mail order brides Asian nationality is around 3000-7000 thousand dollars for half a year or even longer. But consider the fact that dating starts after you use a dating site for serious relationships. So, most likely, you will get married since you are compatible.

When you look at such mail order bride pricing, you can understand why men prefer using online sites for serious relationships rather than simply trying to date. When you go out on dates in the US, it takes a lot of money. The worst thing is that you don’t even know whether it will work out for you.

When you take a look at mail order brides pricing, it seems reasonable. Plus, it gives a better prospect of getting married. And some of us just feel more comfortable when dating people from other countries. In this case, dating sites with a focus on serious romantic relationships are even more useful.

Buy An Asian Wife

What Are The Best Asian Regions With Asian Mail Order Brides And Their Prices?

So, how much does Asian mail order brides cost in different countries? As it was mentioned, depending on the region, you will have higher and lower expenses. In such countries as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and even China, the costs are lower.

But when you want to buy an Asian bride from such countries as Japan, South Korea, the expenses might be a bit higher. On the bright side, if you use online dating sites to establish serious romantic relationships, you get better chances of spending money just once since you are going to meet a future wife.

So, here are some best regions with the best foreign brides:

  • China.
  • The Philippines.
  • India.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Mongolia.

Women in these countries are extremely beautiful and charming, and the cost of dating is lower. But if you are attracted to Asian brides for sale in such countries as Japan or South Korea, the average date cost is still lower than in the US. The average cost of a date in Japan is under 60 dollars, and 55 dollars in Korea. So, you may still benefit a lot from establishing serious relations with a woman from abroad when using sites.

You should be aware that the Asian bride price list may vary. Sometimes you may spend less money, in other cases more. It depends on the lady you meet online on the site and start serious romantic relations.

Benefits Of Using Online Sites To Establish Serious Relationships

So, now you know about the Asian brides cost, but is it a good idea to use online dating sites? Here are a few benefits of sites:

  • Accessibility from any spot in the world when using dating sites.
  • Ability to start international serious relationships.
  • Cheaper when using sites.
  • Easy to establish serious romantic relationships.
  • The matchmaking system reduces the chance of dating “wrong” people.

The Asian mail bride cost is lower since you spend money only once, and you effectively find true love online. You won’t be wasting money when using serious relationship dating sites.


So, how much do Asian mail order brides cost? They cost significantly less when using online dating sites for serious relationships. Dating sites offer an amazing opportunity to first find a compatible match. Finding a compatible match on dating sites is cheaper than dating in real life.

When you finally meet the woman you like and would love to have serious romantic relationships with, you still pay less since you are dating in another country. And even though you have expenses, the cost of Asian mail order brides is significantly lower. Plus, dating sites for serious relationships give a better chance to find a true match.

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