Online Dating Sites And Russian Mail Order Brides Cost

You would think that talking about Russian mail order brides cost is a bit odd, but it’s not. The price, in this case, means dating expenses. Usually, men and women spend some money when they are dating. You would think that it is easier and cheaper to find someone just by going out, but that’s when things get tricky.

It seems that online dating to establish serious romantic relations is cheaper than dating in person. Most people claim mail order bride pricing of sites is higher since you can go out and find someone rather than pay to use serious dating services. But in reality, it’s the other way around.

If you, for example, want to date Russian ladies, then the cost of mail order brides Russian sites is lower than traveling and dating by using regular means. Yes, you pay to use a subscription and find perfect matches. But you don’t waste money at all.

The Russian brides cost on such dating sites is reduced to just paying to use the site. First, you meet a woman you would like to date without traveling to Russia. Second, you travel to Russia to meet the bride in person. As a result, you spend once on a dating site to establish serious relationships. Then if you suit each other’s expectations, you may travel to Russia to start dating in person.

Compare this to the cost of dating Russian women for marriage if you travel to Russia without using sites for serious relations. First, you pay for the plane ticket, to stay in a hotel, visit various places to meet women, etc. The worst thing, in this case, is that you don’t know whether your investment will pay off.

But when you use a dating site to meet a Russian lady first and then meet in person, you don’t waste money at all. As for the cost of Russian mail order brides, in this case, it means dating.

Check out the article to learn more about this interesting topic. Learn whether you may pay to get a bride, the Russian mail order wife cost, etc. The current article explains a lot about dating in Russia, the costs of dating in the said country, etc.

russian mail order brides cost

Can You Buy A Russian Wife When Using Dating Sites?

No, you can’t. Such requests as “how much do Russian mail order brides cost” and other similar ones aren’t relevant. In this case, the cost refers to using dating sites and then traveling to Russia.

Here is how serious relationship sites work:

  • A user creates an account.
  • Buying a subscription to start using a serious relationships platform (around $60-$90 for half a year).
  • Using search filters, matchmaking, compatibility tests to find a woman for serious romantic relationships.
  • When finding a potential partner, the user takes the time to communicate more with a woman.
  • Meeting in real life.

If everything works well for both, then you may start dating in real life. You could travel to Russia since it’s cheaper for you. That way, you don’t waste money since you target your search. If you like each other in real life, you can get married. That’s why people prefer using serious relationship platforms to find love.

Factors That Affect Russian Mail Order Brides Pricing

So, how much does Russian mail order brides cost, and what affects the price? here are a few factors that may affect the price of finding a woman to have serious relationships:

  • The international, serious relationship site that you are using.
  • The region where your girlfriend lives in Russia.
  • The time you plan on dating a woman.
  • What gifts you plan to give.

In Russia, men and women give gifts to each other to express their affection. Yes, you will receive some gifts too since people in general in the said country are very generous. Depending on the price of your gifts, the price will be lower or higher.

Another important factor is the region you will live in when you travel to Russia. For example, if your girlfriend lives in Moscow, the prices there are higher. In such regions as Novosibirsk, Perm, Krasnodar, etc., expenses should be a lot lower.

Russian Mail Order Brides Cost: Is It Cheaper To Find A Wife Offline?

No, traditional means to establish serious relationships are rather outdated and expensive. When you go out on dates, you don’t know whether the woman you like wants to marry you, whether you are compatible and have the same goals, etc.

Serious relationship platforms make sure you date the right person. Instead of spending a lot of time dating incompatible women, you get a chance to benefit from the matchmaking system. This system includes your tastes and preferences and finds several thousands of compatible matches.

The next thing you need to do is to choose a woman you like from all the compatible matches. While using serious relationship platforms, you don’t even pay much, just about 100 dollars for more than 6 months of using the site! That’s why such platforms are popular among men who want serious relationships. They don’t waste money or time.

What Is An Average Price And What It Includes: Online Sites And Offline Dating

If you are thinking about Russian mail order brides, how much do they cost, then you should understand how the pricing works. If you wish to find a wife online first and then meet in person, then the price will be lower.

Dating sites are extremely useful for serious relationships. Instead of simply traveling to Russia and blindly going out on dates, you can opt for Russian brides for sale on online sites. They aren’t actually for sale, the cost in this case, means paying for dating services. It is cheaper to use online dating sites and then travel to Russia to just meet a future wife.

Compare this to traveling to Russia and trying to find a wife. It’s almost like trying to meet love when using traditional means – wasting money when visiting bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. Instead, you may simply start using dating sites. Check the Russian bride price list and what is included:

  • Paying to use online dating sites to establish serious romantic relationships.
  • Traveling to Russia (plane ticket, staying at a hotel, food, etc.).
  • Going out on dates in Russia.
  • Paying a small fee to register your marriage.

It seems that the current average salary in Russia is around 300-500 dollars. Meaning, it’s rather cheap to live and buy things in the said country if you are from an economically developed country with a good and stable income. So, a Russian mail bride cost should be rather low.

Depending on where you go out on dates and what gifts you give to your potential wife, it shouldn’t go over 10000 dollars to find a wife within half a year. The cost of Russian mail order brides may be even reduced if you use dating sites. The matchmaking system will do the job for you, so you don’t waste time or money.

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Benefits Of Using Dating Sites For Serious Relationships

If you are still thinking that Russian mail order brides cost is lower when you don’t use sites, check the list below. These are the advantages of seeking a wife on dating sites:

  • It’s cheaper since you spend around 100 dollars to find a potential wife. During this time, you chat online, see each other thanks to web chats, etc. This is how the site guarantees that you fall in love with the right woman and then meet in person.
  • Dating sites are accessible. If you wish to find someone from abroad, you have all the options within your phone!
  • Easy to use. Most websites even have various icebreakers, fun tests, and games to make the experience even better and more enjoyable.
  • You are able to make the best first impression.
  • Easier to approach beautiful women knowing that they all want to have serious relationships.
  • The matchmaking system makes no mistakes, and all you have to do is to choose a woman you like.

The best thing about serious relationship sites is that you don’t overpay. It’s a lot cheaper to find a bride online and travel than to travel and waste time while searching.

So, how much is a Russian bride on average? Cheaper than when you spend money going out on traditional dates! You can call this method of using dating sites a targeted search. Choose all the criteria you love in women, and the site will do the rest!


Now you know that a Russian mail order wife price is referred to as dating costs when trying to establish serious romantic relationships. Some people still believe that when they go out on dates, it’s free of charge. They compare this experience to paying for a subscription when using sites.

In reality, you pay even more when you go out on dates. Instead of paying to reach the goal, you pay to date several women and maybe find “the one”. When you pay to use a dating site, you pay to get the matchmaking services to find perfect Russian mail order brides. The monthly payment is rather low, and it is possible to find a girlfriend within half a year.

Usually, six months of using a dating website won’t go over 100 dollars. So, the first investment is even less than 100 dollars! When you finally meet “the one” among Russian brides, you can travel to Russia and meet this amazing woman.

In Russia, it is OK to get married if you were dating for even less than a year. So, how much does a Russian wife cost in this case? It will cost you less than 10000 dollars! That’s why men prefer using the services of dating sites. They find women for serious relationships by using just a small investment, and then they don’t waste their time and money after meeting a woman they like!

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